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Since childhood, the idea of using and mixing colors has generated great enthusiasm and sparked artistic curiosity. Being born and raised in the tropics gave me the opportunity to perceive and experience intense and vibrant light and color. It is the first thing I perceive when interacting with the rest of the world.


Decomposition of natural light gives rise to the perception of all colors, as well as the mixture of pigments in the water of the brushes and iridescent reflection of the motor oil left by a car, until nowadays they get my attention instantly, as if it were the first time that occurs before my eyes.


The human being from our beginnings has explored, studied and used the concept of color and its strength, not only as a form of aesthetic expression but as a means of non-verbal communication.


As an interdisciplinary artist, I describe my process as Chromatic Immersion Journeys.  I use the language of color to develop works through different concrete forms such as pigments, materials, and textiles as well as non-tangible forms such as light and performance, bodies of work in which I involve political, social, aesthetic and universal issues.


My work is primarily influenced by the Wayuu culture, as well as Venezuelan artists such as Armando Reveron, Luis Montiel, Carlos Cruz Diez, Jesus Soto, Francisco Hung, Lia de Bermudez, Pedro Piña and Diego Bellorin. Then learning directly from Master Frank O'Cain in New York

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