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Daniel Djuro-Goiricelya is an Interdisciplinary Teaching Artist and Therapeutic Art Life Coach. His playful and positive energy serves as a catalyst for inspiration and creativity for his students, clients, and retreat participants.
Daniel has led multiple artistic projects as a curator, artist, and interior designer in addition to his teaching and coaching work.
Daniel's artistic curiosity was ignited at an early age in his native Venezuela where his colorful mixed Latin American and European ancestry was both celebrated and revered.
Since 2004, Daniel has made his home in the Northeastern, United States bringing his art, coaching, and humanity to the various communities in which he works.


You may be wondering: Why does he want to do this?
Since an early age, I had always allowed my imagination to run wild creating worlds, objects, characters, and possibilities.
As I look back, I notice that those moments of creation were also opportunities to escape my reality and cope.
For many years, I allowed myself to believe that art-making required the validation and approval of others. More recently, I have come to a place where I put more value on the emotional passage and growth I achieve through each artistic journey I take.
Learning to unlearn everything we had been taught isn’t easy – but not impossible. Artists and Scientists must both be creative: They have to develop original ideas and push frontiers. Scientists, as we are seeing today, cannot be swayed by public opinion or political interference to authentically develop novel solutions and progress. Similarly, artistic freedom can be defined as “the freedom to imagine, create and distribute diverse cultural expressions free of cultural and governmental censorship, political interference or pressures of none state actors.” Generally, artistic freedom describes the amount of independence an artist can obtain to create art freely.
Embracing the act of creating from a vulnerable place is allowing ourselves to truly assimilate that beginning of creating starts at the end of needing to know. And yes, it’s a scary but thrilling journey of liberation and personal growth.
So, to answer my original question, the reason why I want to do this is simply: I want to share my art-making process with you. To share and join you in embracing vulnerability. From there, together we can continue to grow and create something new.

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