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Daniel Djuro Goiricelaya Organic Compositions  (45)_edited.jpg

Organic Compositions

Utilizing only natural materials such as charcoal from burned wood, stones, branches, leaves, and feathers I have found on wandering walks and hikes I used pieces of paper from my recycle pile and explored the new materials by playing with them.

First I am thankful for the natural energy from the items and the creatures, and plants that brought them to my hands.

After acknowledging that, I find an intention for my day and manifest it.

There is no right or wrong.
Sometimes I leave them overnight and continue working with the composition from the day before and sometimes I start over fresh and create something new.

Daniel Djuro Goiricelaya TRUCK OF COLOR 00 (36)_edited_edited.jpg

Truck Of Colors

Series of pieces inspired by the graffiti and patina shown on vehicles I described As Trucks Of Color . For the past few years I had documented them around the world with the helps of other friends on social media under the #TruckofColor.

Daniel Djuro Goiricelaya Deshilachado  (30)_edited.jpg


A series of geometric organic compositions reflecting a settled unraveling  or worn at the edges

Catching The Light  detail .JPEG

Catching the light 

A series of pieces painted outdoors while playing with the shadows cast on the canvas from the natural elements surrounding them.

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