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"Learning to track is a sacred responsibility. It gives you the ability to come into the center of the lives and homes of animals. You must treasure this gift and respect the animals by being non-intrusive. Getting too close to animals can cause serious disturbances including: abandoning young, disturbing nesting grounds, damaging foraging areas, and may even cause the animal's death. For example, in winter, many animals are severely stressed to gather enough energy to stay alive. Escaping from a human prescence could rob them of enough energy that they can no longer sustain themselves. Always remember that you are only a visitor into their habitat"


Utilizing materials such as charcoal from burned wood, stones, branches, leaves and feathers I have found on wandering walks and hikes.Explore the new the materials by playing with them. First I am thankful of the natural energy from the items and the creatures, plants that brought them to my hands. After acknowledging that, I find an intention for my day and manifest it. There is no right or wrong. Sometimes I leave them overnight and continue working with the composition from the day before and sometimes I start over fresh and create something new.

Pisando Como La Zorra 0001

SKU: PIS0001
  • Mixed Media on Paper 

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