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"We Play, Create Art, Learn and Grow Together"

   Daniel Djuro-Goiricelaya 



Art Sanctuaries

Saturday, September 16, 11 -1 pm

Arts Park

Daniel Djuro Goiricelaya - Santuarios de Arte: Conectando Intenciones (Art Sanctuaries: Connecting Intentions) 
Join artist Daniel Djuro-Goiricelaya as we explore artmaking as a meditative practice, re-discover our sense of play, and break down preconceived notions of what art can be. This week, participants will be "weaving with nature" to collaboratively create an outdoor installation piece using bamboo, twine, bellotas, and dyed fabric.

"The Beginning of Creating Starts at the end of Knowing"


Paper Series : Truck Of Color

Series of pieces inspired by the graffiti and patina shown on vehicles I described As Trucks Of Color. For the past few years, I have documented them worldwide with the help of other friends on social media under the #TruckofColor

Available On Alexander Adam Gallery

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Daniel Djuro-Goiricelaya_edited.jpg
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