La Revolución Cromática: Take Back The Red
Since 1999, Venezuela has been subjugated to despotic leadership in the ongoing Bolivarian Revolution referred to as La Revolución.

The symbolic color of the movement is red. For Venezuelans red has been co-opted
and has political implications as it is associated withthe government. I feel robbed of this beautiful color and decided I wanted to take it back for myself and
every other Venezuelan.
Moved by both anger and feelings of impotence, I started La Revolución Cromática, led by a fictional character – “Miss Pelling” – who preserves colors, and
is fighting to reclaim the color red. Inspired by the colorful bellotas (pompoms) of the indigenous Wayuu people of Venezuela, Miss Pelling left similar colorful
artistic creations around New York City for people to discover and share. Every day, details of each new piece were revealed on Instagram and Facebook with the
hope that all would "join the revolution to fight color tyranny everywhere.”
As symbols of La Revolución Cromática, the bellotas gotl arger and larger and then I created four oversized Wayuu bellotas you see in this room. It was important
for me to create sculptural pieces that were a result of and reminder of the process of La Revolución Cromática.

In our current political climate, another highly
questionable leader has embraced and identified himself
with the same color... can you guess who?