Portraits : Love in the Time of Cholera


One of my favorite books is Gabriel García Márquez's Love in the of Cholera which tells a tale of how tormenting love can be. One day I was looking through my book and I felt the urge to draw on its pages. As I relived the emotions evoked by the story, I started drawing faces with expressions reflecting my emotions. This new media had given me freedom as an artist and it was then that I started exploring abstract portraiture.


Excited to branch out more, I looked for different “canvases” for my abstract work. Around this time, I had also been interested in the juxtaposition of classical styles and abstract art. I started using traditional textiles as media and then traditional furniture.


Always looking for new media, the large format pieces were the final works and they reference the last lines of the book, circling back to the source of the inspiration for this body of work.


The dramatic feel of the room reminds us of how tormenting love can be. Or rather, how we torment ourselves with love and are left with emotions that stay with us and can haunt us forever.

" immersive performance piece with Amelia Johntson and Laura Petit 

"53 años 7 meses y 11 días con sus noches"  Moving blankets, acrylic, spray paint and charcoal, 5' x 5' , 2017

"¿Y hasta cuándo cree usted que podemos seguir en este ir y venir del carajo? "

"Toda la Vida "  Moving blankets, acrylic, spray paint and charcoal, 5' x 5' , 2017