Dewdrop Mosaic 

    Memories             (Exhibition)                                      

 Inspired on the colorful experience of a South African Adventure ; This exhibitions presented the power of color that found in every sunrise and sunset. Alos part the audience was wearing garments that were interlined with paints to give the the opportunity to the colors to walk around the room. Life Music was provided by Peter Kiral and New York Virtuousi   


REENCUENTRO    (Exhibition)                                      


Francisco "Paco" Hung , was the very first Artist I remembering meeting. He was the first artist I ever saw painting. He was the first person I had an exhibition with.Thank you to Fundacion Hung, Whites Art Gallery and Lisu Vega I had the great pleasure Reencounter Paco on a second exhibition with an homage to his life intervening great pieces by the talented Lisu Vega in front of the Audience while playing “Cantares” by Serrat. an exibiton

Viaje de Color/ Chromatic Experience

Inspired by the work of the great Carlos Cruz Diez, Viaje De Color ( a Jorney of Color) was the opening istallation to the exibition "Suena A Color con Paco" In the CBA. the audience was invited to pass througth changers while being estimulated with sounds and color saturated.


Geometric Dreams


Many important artists like Da Vinci, Mondrian, Jesus Soto, and  Carlos Cruz Diez  had seen the world through the eyes of the geometric elements and translated that vision and reflected it on their canvas and bringing the to rest of the of the world the beauty of those compositions.

Inspired on a city full of lights with lots of movements and that never sleeps , these are my geometric dreams in where the color overlaps with everyday materials  and together coming to life to tells us  new stories  

     About Jewels 

Jewelry had been one of the voices I found during my artistic journey.  

By collaborating closely with international Fashion Designers Ana Maria Rincon Canaan  and Mika Inatome  

I had the great pleasure of creating one of a kind statement pieces with Swarosky crystals, silver and brass.  


Photography by  Lorena Riga